Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Almost all are retired. Some have part time jobs or have small business. Everyone commits to what they want or have the time to help us with. We realize this and try to balance your interests, hobbies, travel and personal life. A little or a lot – we appreciate all the help. Please contact us and let’s talk about current opportunities to get involved!

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Board of Directors
  • Hamper Distribution
  • Drivers
    • On and off aIsland food pick up,and purchases every two weeks. Mileage and ferry costs are covered by a transportation grant which we recieve.
  • Soup Tuesday helpers
    • Cooks, food prep, servers, greeters and general helpers.
  • Community Kitchen
    • A once a month instructional cooking class period (3 hours) . This is offered to the whole community but is focused primarily on helping people in a group situation cook low cost practical meals. Participants take home what they make that day.
    • Instructors,  helpers, cleaner uppers.