No one should go hungry

Unfortunately, there is often a stigma associated with Food Banks. Yet, in British Columbia, food banks help over 80,000 people each month, 34% of people using food banks are children but they make up only 19% of the population, 48% of people using food banks are from single-person households, and 1 in 8 people helped by food banks are employed. Seniors are a particularly vulnerable group since pensions remain fixed while the cost of living increases.

The truth of the matter is that many people experience in their lifetime, a period when they struggled to survive — some more than once, and some for long periods of time. During those times, it is easy to feel alone, as if everyone around is doing well and it feels embarrassing to admit we are in a bind. So, we struggle and often skip eating in order to pay the rent and other bills. No one should have to go through this — no one should go hungry.

But you do not want a handout. What you need is a hand-up. The Mayne Island Food Bank Society is there to provide that hand-up. By providing a food hamper twice a month, they can help you get back on your feet. They can help you stay healthy while you work to make your situation better. Contact Us.

The Food Bank

Beginning in 1999, St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church on Mayne Island operated a successful Food Cupboard to help those residents who requested help on an “as needed” basis with a food hamper to satisfy their immediate needs.

However, as the island population grew, the volunteers at the Food Cupboard realized that they could not expand further. In 2015, the Mayne Island Food Bank Society was formed, which enabled the Food Bank to obtain a Charitable Status from Revenue Canada and to become a member of FoodBanks BC and FoodBanks Canada. This enabled the Mayne Island Food Bank to mount fundraising campaigns, apply for grants from various foundations, and receive the benefits of belonging to provincial and national networks of food banks.

Thanks to the Mayne Island School, our first location was a ground level room at the school. It was small but a convenient location for our clients. Within a short time, our need for more space grew and we were able to enter into an agreement with the Mayne Island Firefighters Association whereby we would help fundraise for their Old School House Rejuvenation Project and become permanent tenants upon completion of the project.

Since the Mayne Island Food Bank began operations, we have grown to a size where we are able, through our hamper program, to help meet the nutritional needs of up to 25 clients and, during the recent COVID-19 crisis, more than 40 clients.


In 2015, David Bergmark, Evan Mitchell, Christie Meers, Neil Howard, and Jan Nicol-Mitchell met to draft a Constitution for the newly formed Mayne Island Food Bank Society and apply for a Charitable Status designation from Revenue Canada.

The first year of operation brought many challenges and changes to plans but the newly formed society was able to serve eight clients and lay a firm foundation for future growth.

Executive Director

  • Lindsay Woods


  • David Rea


  • Andrew Gerbrandt
  • Patti Bacchus
  • Kat Ferneyhough
  • Selena Flood
  • Steff McBurney
  • Sasha Klein (on leave)

Thank You to Our Corporate Donors

Alea Print and Design
BC Ferries Employee Union
CBC Canada
Co-op store Pender Island
Farmers Credit Canada, Agri Spirit
Farmgate Store
Food Share Victoria
Food Banks Canada

FoodBanks BC
Government of BC
Home Hardware Mayne Island
Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce
Mayne Island Barber Shop
Michell’s Farm
Mustard Seed Victoria
N.W.M. Private Giving Fund
Nomad Essentials

Quality Foods
Real Canadian Superstore
Springwater Lodge
Thrifty Stores (Sobeys)
Tru Value Stores
The Briary
The Mayne Island Bistro
Trading Post
United Way Lower Mainland

Thank You to Our Community Donors

Apple Festival
Community Craft Fair
Sliver Maynes
Mayne Island Health Centre
Mayne Island School
Mayne Island Community Gardens
Mayne Island Lions Club
Mayne Island Volunteer Firefighters Association
Mayne Island Wood Choppers
St. Mary Magdalene Church

Thank You to Our Individual Donors

It is not our policy to list individual donors, but we are fortunate to have received donations of food, money and time from may wonderful and generous people in and outside our immediate community.  Thank you!